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Scale-up PR

Move beyond vanity KPIs with PR activity designed specifically for brands ready to scale-up and grow. Have you grown organically at pace with little time to consider how to establish a name in the market? Or perhaps you’ve just received investment and recognise the value of brand communications as part of your growth strategy.

Whatever your journey, if you’re ready to establish a national or international brand footprint, the Purplefish PR activation blueprint will help connect your PR and communications to your new business pipeline. 

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How do we do help you grow?

Explore your brand essence: a discovery sprint which ensures fast, effective immersion into what makes you special and how you can differentiate your offering within any crowded marketplace. 

Ignite your key messages: compelling brand messaging highlighting your customer benefits.   

Spark your imagination: creative ideation to help reach your audience in new and interesting ways. 

Plan for success: define an activation roadmap, underpinned with solid measures of success. 

Activate and engage: always on press office and communications, supported by regular fresh, invigorating campaigns. 

Lead generation integrations: communication hooks to encourage data capture. Designed to build a strong, resonant brand presence from the ground up, time and energy is focused on communications that connect your customers to how you can help solve their current business challenges. Using human-centred messaging, combined with lead generation tech, you’ll soon build an enviable sales pipeline of warm leads to fuel your sustainable growth.  

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“Purplefish has been instrumental to our marketing and communications strategy. From website development support to our media relations positioning, we have really seen the benefit of planning and developing a 360-marketing campaign.” 

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