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Resource: Why benchmarking is vital for a succesful brand

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Effective external marketing communications is essential for brand success and growth. It’s crucial to benchmark your marketing channels, key messages and audience targeting regularly.

Whether you’re managing in house teams, partnering with agencies, these audits provide a data-driven perspective vital for refining existing activity or defining the scope of a new campaign.

According to Forbes, benchmarking is a top tool for boosting overall business performance.


Benchmarking is like taking a snapshot of your current position in the competitive landscape. It allows you to:

1. Assess current strategies – understand what’s working and what isn’t in your current communications and marketing strategy.

2. Identify improvements – pinpoint areas that need refinement and enhancement.

3. Benchmark against competitors
Compare the impact of marketing, PR, communications and social media across global markets

4. Create a tailored success and impact plan and develop a roadmap based on commercial goals and business objectives.

5. Enables budget planning and assesses ROI

6. Tests messaging and resonance with target audiences.


We offer a range of audit packages tailored to address specific aspects of your marketing, communications and PR ensuring a comprehensive assessment:

ESG (environmental, social, and governance)
Review your environmental, social, and governance credentials and create a structured plan for reporting and reviewing your impact. Sustainability and responsible business practices are increasingly important to consumers and stakeholders.

EDI (equality, diversity, and inclusion)
Equality, diversity, and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords; they’re essential components of a forward-thinking business. We examine your company’s culture and communications through a D&I lens, providing recommendations to promote inclusivity for your teams, customers, and suppliers.

Culture assessment
Your colleagues and teams play a vital role in managing your reputation and brand advocacy. We assess your current company culture and provide a roadmap with actionable initiatives to ensure your culture appeals for all the right reasons.

Social Media
In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience. Our social media audit evaluates your current presence, identifies quick wins, and outlines a plan for improving engagement, building communities, and measuring social media’s impact on your bottom line.

Media and content
Assess where you sit in relation to your market and competitors in terms of share of voice, coverage opportunities and audience targeting. This report will provide an overview of where you are positioned and what else you could be doing to raise the profile of your brand, business or senior team.

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