How to build a professional profile in the architecture world

As design led businesses architect firms are well placed to understand the intricacies of image and how an external perspective impacts on reputation.

Getting the right tone in communications and generating an image which is reflective of company culture and the style of work in order to attract the right profile of client is vital.

Here’s our top ten tips for firms in the property design and architecture space:

  1. Image is everything – make sure how you market yourself reflects your company but also that is resonates with your target audience. If you’re not attracting the right profile of enquiries on new business your external profile could need a few tweaks
  2. Use your testimonials – are you using insight and opinion from your clients to communicate what you are like to work with as a business? Remember to include this content on several channels – social media, Linkedin profiles, media materials, email newsletters etc
  3. Be creative – you are built on design and big thinking. Be bold and experiment with creative campaign ideas and ways to market yourself
  4. Be award winning – while not the be all and end all, awards do communicate credibility and put you a cut above the competition
  5. Have an opinion. There is a plethora of high quality media that will accept content in the architecture world, the best way to get great coverage is to offer opinion on industry hot topics
  6. Get blogging. Build your online profile through original and authentic content that will appeal to external influencers. Mix it up and offer advice pieces, comment on news stories and get people from across the business to contribute
  7. Be proud. Architects sell themselves on their projects and real life bricks and mortar transformations so make sure your marketing materials brings your expertise and experience to life. Make sure content is visual and striking. Investing in high quality and professional photography of projects is vital to convey the right image for your business.
  8. Be approachable and inspiring. You are a highly-qualified expert in your field but this can sometimes be off putting so asking your stakeholders and target influencers for their opinion on your business can give valuable insight into your external profile.
  9. Share your influences. While designing ground breaking projects and coming up with creative ideas and concepts that can be translated into physical spaces, buildings and interiors may be second nature to you, it’s not to the rest of us. Showing the lifecycle of a project from concept to delivery is fascinating insight – show us your thought process and where the inspiration came from rather than just the finished project.
  10. Brand you. In the world of design and architecture it is often the people behind the projects that we are interested in reading about. Think about how you can improve your own visibility and showcase your experience, skills and network of contacts. This is a great way to boost new business prospecting and can open doors to new opportunities.