Case study: Events and media relations – Avon Valley’s 50 Days of Summer 

Case study: Events and media relations – Avon Valley’s 50 Days of Summer 

At Purplefish, we thrive on turning remarkable events into unforgettable experiences, and our recent collaboration with Avon Valley for its 50 Days of Summer event was no exception. This case study delves into how we achieved our goal of engaging the local community to visit and securing media and influencer coverage before, during, and after this exciting summer season. 

The brief 

Avon Valley’s 50 Days of Summer was poised to be the highlight of the season for families looking for a day out over the summer holidays, but it needed the right platform to shine and stand out from other attractions.  

Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park is a popular family-friendly attraction located in the Avon Valley, known for its outdoor adventures and wildlife experiences. 

We were entrusted with the mission to spread the word far and wide. Our objectives were clear: engage with the target audience of families across the region; collaborate with influencers and the media; and make this event a resounding success. 

The work 

We kicked things off with a spectacular media and influencer event. Over 30 influencers and media representatives from Visit Bristol, Visit Bath, Bristol Life/Bath Life, and BCFM/BBC West Midlands joined us to experience the magic of 50 Days of Summer firsthand.  

We believe in the power of community, so we partnered with local schools to promote this family-friendly event to their parents and carers. The goal was to make it a memorable experience for everyone in the neighbourhood. 

Collaboration is key, and we joined forces with like-minded local brands such as First Bus, Bristol, Bath & the West. Together, we embarked on a journey to create buzz, engagement, and anticipation. 

The impact 

The media and influencer event was a smashing hit, garnering the attention of key titles. Their presence added prestige to 50 Days of Summer and generated social media activity and web traffic. 

Thanks to our collaborations with schools and coverage in the newsletters and family marketing materials, the local community embraced the summer season.  

Our partnership with First Bus was a game-changer. The social media competition and newsletter feature reached over 120k+ subscribers. 

Through strategic planning, influencer engagement and local collaborations, we contributed to the commercial targets to drive interest and sales.  

At Purplefish, we believe in creating moments that last a lifetime, and this case study is a testament to that belief. We’re proud to have played a part in making this event shine so brightly in the hearts and minds of the community. 

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