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Constructing a winning SEO content strategy for Greenway

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The Challenge:

To transform Greenway‘s digital presence with an SEO and Content strategy.

Greenway came to us as a relatively new name on the facilities management scene, yet since seeing a significant period of growth, it is now one of the leading facilities management providers in the South West.  

Marketing was not initially a priority for the business. But with ambitions to grow the company across the UK, we came on board to manage the brand’s digital content strategy and creation.  

The Story:

We put in place a monthly content strategy that spans Greenway’s social media channels and website. By analysing competitor activity using our industry knowledge and keeping on top of relevant trends we have been able to create engaging content and help raise awareness of the brand in the industry.  

We work closely with various members of the Greenway team to ensure that we are capturing all aspects of the brand in an authentic way that resonates with the audience.  

The Reaction:

With the implementation of an SEO strategy and regular content uploads the Greenway website has seen an average of 29.6% increase in new website traffic per 90 days. Social media reach has grown by 52.5% in the same period. 


Greenway engineer analysing
Greenway engineer checks fuses
Greenway engineer safety checking
Greenway engineerfixing fire door
Greenway engineer mends light fitting.

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