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Insights & Resources

Insight and Resources

Inside the
of Purplefish

Resource: Introducing the new Purplefish website

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, which has...

Resource: How can events and experiential campaigns help my brand? 

Delivering high-quality events and experiential campaigns that are enjoyed by your...

Resource: Healthy habits to avoid burnout

More than 38% are currently suffering with burnout. We shaere simple accessible tactics to...

Resource: How to create valuable brand content (that people care about)

When 500m tweets and 95m pics and videos are shared daily, how can you create valuable brand...

Insight: Lessons learned as a marketing assistant

I was lucky enough to be give the chance to intern as a marketing assistant with Purplefish...

Resource: Why benchmarking is vital for a succesful brand

Read why, it’s crucial to benchmark your marketing channels, key messages and audience...

Resource: The PR power of a compelling culture for your organisation

It's no secret that brand reputation begins at home. But what are the PR advantages of...

Insight: Navigating the future of media relations with AI

Media relations is set to become even more crucial in the years ahead. But how will AI...