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Finding purpose & meaning in the workplace: Kerr Office Group

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The Challenge:

To create meaning through developing a brand purpose, values and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for the workplace design and strategy agency.

As experts in workspace transformation, Kerr Office Group were keen to ensure they were following their own best practices. Having grown at pace over the last few years and with ambitious plans in place, it was time to consider how to intentionally bottle up what was so special at Kerr.

They came to us to help revisit their brand purpose, employee value proposition (EVP), and company values.

The Story:

We began this by conducting in-depth 1-2-1 interviews with each senior leadership team member and key colleague influencers. We were aware from their strong retention record that Kerr offered something appealing, but we were keen to articulate what made the wider team proud to work there, and why they offered a differentiated experience.

Having identified key themes through our interview stage, we wanted to test these with the wider team. Bringing a diverse mix of team members together, we delivered an interactive workshop to explore how the themes resonated.

The Reaction:

We created a brand purpose and EVP: ‘We transform working lives’.

This brand purpose and EVP provided Kerr Office Group with a mission for their people and customers alike. Used like a ‘guiding North Star’ to inform all that they do, beyond office fit-outs, beyond profits and, beyond the day-to-day.

Along with the brand purpose and EVP, we worked with the team to create the Kerr promises.

Once the brand promises were in place, it was important to ensure that they were launched to the wider team in an impactful way. The launch event was a half-day workshop to give everyone the space to focus fully on the activities and events taking place. The activities helped us understand which were most important at various stages of a colleague’s journey at Kerr, picking up plenty of tips on how we can continue to enhance the experience we offer our people, along the way. 

Everyone was provided with a reboarding guide that introduced the new brand purpose and promises. Throughout the afternoon, the full team got involved in various activities to familiarise themselves with the promises and how to use them in an engaging way.

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