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Employee experience is the hot topic in brand this year, what does your culture say about your brand?

It’s mid-January and brand plans are underway. But for many this year there’s a big difference. New Forrester research tells us that more than half of CMOs are bringing employee experience (EX) into their strategy in the year ahead. Recognising the key link between employees and brand, EX is set to continue to rise up the agenda as the challenges of the great resignation and employee changing expectations continue, even as the pandemic subsides.

Brands which ignore this trend risk being unable to attract or retain the talent needed to grow or even operate

Employees are becoming the new customers and like customers they need to be acquired and retained. And providing a consistent employee experience from hire to retire is a key part of providing a great culture – reflective of authentic brand promises.

The past two years have been a hard slog for everyone, employees are tired and many are grieving. They’re looking for more meaning from their work. They need more connection with their colleagues. And they want a sense of shared identity and belonging with the brands they work with.

And with McKinsey research suggesting that 40% of employees are considering leaving their current role in the next three to six months, businesses that ignore these trends risk losing their existing talent and failing to attract replacements. In worse case scenarios companies won’t even be able to operate, a reality already being faced within the hospitality sector at the end of last year with one in four restaurants and bars forced to close their doors at least some of the time due to staff shortages.

And it’s not only employees who expect a great work culture, reflective of the brand values you market yourself on. As we learnt from the BrewDog saga, customers are also turned off by a toxic workplace and inauthentic company leadership. A lesson that has cost BrewDog dearly, with an estimated £7.4million loss on the back of the open letter shared by the ex-employee equity punks.

It’s time to align brand and employee experience, creating a culture reflective of your brand values

At Purplefish we recognise the value of a great culture and what it can do for your colleagues, customers and brand. That’s why we’re extending our communications offer to provide culture and employee experience solutions to enhance our existing solutions can now provide clients and prospects with 360-degree brand communications consultancy.  

Visit Purplefish Culture and discover how we’re helping brands put their people at the heart of their communications strategy by providing an experience they want to shout about.

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