Marketing a digital business

With so many digital agencies offering broadly the same set of services standing out from the crowd takes some focus and creativity.

Put yourself in the client’s or prospect’s shoes and think about what they’re told by agencies in chemistry or pitch meetings.

“We do things differently”
“We get results”
“We are an award-winning business”
“We’re experts in your sector”

Sound familiar? While all these claims may be absolutely true and genuine, your prospects will be hearing versions of them at every agency meeting.

Often the only real differentiator for your business that will win over a client is personal chemistry. The old adage that people buy people is even more relevant in an environment where there is so much competition.

Generating a stand out position in your marketing is the communications equivalent of chemistry. Prospects and clients should really be able to get a feel for your culture, the type of people you might be and how you do business from your external profile.

To do this you need to engage in proactive marketing activity. Here’s our focus guide on the things you need to do:

1. Get your content right – don’t follow the crowd, be compelling,
interesting and different and, if it’s right, controversial or
2. Be visible – do what stands out, in the channels that are right for
your business and where your target audience is. You do not have to
be everywhere, just where you will be seen.
3. Get other people talking about you – the media and bloggers as
well as anyone outside your business that you meet are powerful
ambassadors for promoting you.
4. Get your new business and lead generation activity aligned with
your marketing – silos don’t work. Done the right way your new
business activity is your marketing activity and vice versa
5. Measure and fine tune – don’t just send out your messages into the
digital ether. Measure your impact and engagement. Then refine
your next phase of activity.
6. Think laterally – what plans do you have for the next 12 months for
doing something different? Do you have an event planned? A piece
of research? A creative campaign for your own business? Commit to do
ONE THING really well to make you stand out this year other than social media content, PPC and whitepapers – that’s what all your competitors are doing too.
7. Get help – generating content is not hard, but it is time consuming.
Help can come from staff, your own contacts or engage us to help.