Molly’s social media roundup

Here is my social media round up for this week, bringing you the latest and greatest social media news.

Instagrainstagramadsm ads are now clickable and can include image carousels

Instagram is making an important change to the way ads are presented on its platform – you can now click on them.


images (1)How to determine if pages have purchased their followers and likes

Do you ever come across a business profile or page and think ‘how did they get 3,000 followers?’. Take a look at the results from the recent Instagram fake profile purge, where a whole range of celebrities took big hits in their follower counts.

Fafacebook-ads-logocebook allows brands to target users with product ads

Facebook has launched a new kind of advertising platform called Product Ads. The platform allows brands to upload their product inventory to the social network, then target users based on contextual content so that very specific and targeted ads appear when users are online.

Twitter’s Twitter-Stock-10‘while you were away’ feature for iOS expands to Android

Twitter’s new recap feature officially debuted on iOS a month ago, but now “while you were away” has arrived on Android devices.


And finally, what was all the fuss with the dress? One minute I see white and gold and the next blue and black, what colours do you see?

Untitled-12-660x334The dress is finally addressed! – All you need to know about the social media phenomenon

An optical illusion which divided opinions across the word causing hosts of brands to pitch in on social media, has been picked apart and reproduced in infogrpahic form.


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