Work Experience placement

My experience working at a PR agency

Working at purplefish this week has been an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s shown me all the different aspects involved in working in PR, and how varied the role can be with a lovely and helpful team of people.

This week I’ve done a variety of tasks, from writing clients’ social media content to ringing up dog modelling agencies to find the cost of hiring a dog for a day for a campaign! I’ve completed lots of research this week, for example, finding app reviewers across the UK to help promote a new app and using linkedin to promote a video and find more potential clients. This in particular was very helpful because I hadn’t used this platform before and I now understand how vital it is to all parts of business and PR.

One of the highlights of my week was drafting a press release for a client about it’s appointment of a new team member. This gave me an insight into the more ‘traditional’ world of PR, whereas before I had only really understood and considered the importance of social media platforms.

I think the most rewarding experience this week, was when I e-mailed charities to encourage them to enter a competition to become a client’s benefactor and receive training to help them make the most of their online presence. Receiving a grateful email from one charity explaining how pleased they were to have been contacted made me feel as though I’d really contributed not only to the client’s profile but to the charity as well.

Even though I’ve been here for only a week, the experience has been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding, and has encouraged me to continue to pursue a career in PR.

Annabel – Work Experience Placement July 2014