My first ever week in PR

Though my time at Purplefish was short – a week’s work experience – it has been very insightful and a great experience into the working world and the media industry. I have been opened up to the behind the scenes of how companies keep an online presence through the use of social media. I have found a personal interest in how companies use agencies to manage their social media through many different ways. I have gained IT and communication skills through several tasks using different resources. Having used new resources, I have learnt how to adapt to unfamiliar situations and tasks.

Apart from the work being satisfying and enjoyable, my colleagues for the week have been extremely welcoming and pleasant towards me. Being in the office, I didn’t feel uncomfortable working with strangers, but instead I felt calm and I enjoyed my work during the week. Having many different tasks to accomplish, it kept me on my toes and ready for the next day. From going to Future Space at UWE Bristol to completing practical tasks in and out of the office, I really enjoyed the work put in front of me.

Comparing my work experience with my peers, I can confidently say that working at Purplefish was the most interesting placement I could have chosen! Also, with the unique location, on a boat, it was a break from the school scene which made my work more enjoyable.

The chilled environment of the office made me understand that you can have a nice and enjoyable time even with work, having this atmosphere makes it a job worth working.

I am glad to have discovered Purplefish and to have worked in an environment where everybody gets along and works together. This experience really changes my thoughts on the working world, from boring and plain wanting to do something else with your life, to an experience where you learn but still have a fun time. Going into the future, I will always remember this experience and will stay in touch with Purplefish.


Thank you for having me!

Karac Bateman