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Insight: Navigating the future of media relations with AI

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In a world saturated with information and advancing technology, media relations are undergoing a transformative shift. As innovation and progress intersect, we are seeing a clear trend emerging in the world of PR.  Media relations is set to become even more crucial in the years ahead. Far from being diminished by automation fears, media relations, with its human touch, stands as the cornerstone that distinguishes brands in an AI-driven future. 

Robots will not replace the human touch (but they will definitely help!) 

The State of PR Technology 2023 report reveals industry concerns about AI, with 63.9% highlighting the threats of manipulation and fake news. 56.1% worry about losing the human touch, and 50.6% fear the unification of content, leading to a void of creativity. 

Media relations as a discipline will, we predict, increase in importance within this context. Unlike AI, humans can discern authenticity, build relationships, and inject creativity into narratives. While technology can aid data analysis, it cannot replicate the emotional intelligence required for human interaction. 

The power of reputation and storytelling 

Reputation, accounting for 63% of a company’s market value (Weber), is a currency of immense value. Media relations, emphasising authentic communication and relationship-building, plays a pivotal role in shaping and safeguarding this reputation. 

Storytelling’s impact on customer engagement is significant; Forbes notes a 64% increase in brands engaging in storytelling. In an era where consumers crave authenticity, media relations become the driving force behind these compelling stories. 

Adapting to the changing landscape 

As we navigate the evolving media relations landscape, the role of PR professionals becomes increasingly challenging. The volume of content vying for attention demands a more strategic and definitely creative approach to media relations.  

While technology will automate processes in disseminating, monitoring and curating information the skill in designing a captivating media campaign which can secure high-authority coverage will continue to remain a skill set beyond algorithms. Does any journalist wants to be pitched to by a bot? Generative AI will undoubtedly help us all cut corners and create slews of articles at the touch of a button and the drafting of a prompt – but will anyone really be reading it? Well apart from the algorithms that is? 

Ready to future proof and elevate your media relations? Contact us below to explore how our expertise can enhance your brand’s narrative and reputation.

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