No More Cold Calls

No one really likes cold calling.  It’s a necessary means to an end that anyone who has ever held a job connected with sales, marketing, fund raising or recruitment will tell you must be done.

Even if you don’t have to steal yourself to pick up the phone, cold calling can be a thankless task.

However, what cold calling can bring when executed effectively is leads. Leads produce prospects which in turn mean business and new revenue.

Current new business development methods usually use digital communications as a channel to disseminate information.  Many email or eshot campaigns use off-the-shelf email broadcast systems such as Campaign Monitor or Mail Chimp – these can be effective although your prospects will be inundated with these type of communications.

LinkedIn and other social media channels as a means of prospecting have also been growing in popularity over the last few years.

The real challenge with this approach is that it is exceptionally time consuming to research and identify the right organisations and right person to target. You then have seconds to grab your target’s attention or risk being dumped in the trash folder.

A new way of targeting

We have a bespoke system that cuts down the research time in building lists for new business targeting. This process is combined with our experience in creating stand-out compelling editorial style copy.  Our distribution system uses a personal email account to send individual emails which then produces invaluable and almost immediate engagement analytics.

This tried and tested system that we use ourselves (and it works because you are reading this) means that your target call lists will be warm leads i.e. people who have already looked at your content and visited your website. Knowing what content they have looked at or where they had been on your website (and how many times) when you make that first telephone call is more likely to result in your business being remembered.

Our target open rate is over 40% (2016 average for creative services: 24.88%) with an average click through rate (CTR) 5% (2016 average for creative services: 3.42%). Source: Econsultancy.

How we work

  1. You give us your target sectors/geographical footprint/job title
  2. We build the list of prospect businesses
  3. We take your brief and create content for your approval
  4. We distribute the content from your own email address as a peer to peer message
  5. We monitor impact and provide you with analytics and a target list for initial calls
  6. You make the calls
  7. We repeat the process


If you want to know more about how we work and can support your new business development get in touch: