Mobile UK

Mobile UK

The Brief

We needed to create a campaign as a follow-up to the hugely successful #5GCheckTheFacts initiative, which addressed public concern around 5G.

The subsequent Digital Champions campaign called on the UK Government to fund the creation of a regional network of Digital Champions who would coordinate and prioritise digital connectivity and address digital exclusion issues.

The Work

We created materials to command attention from the media, stakeholders, policy influencers and local government. Ultimately, the aim was to help build an investment-friendly environment with a balance of regulation to ensure the UK continues to compete on a world scale.


We worked towards six objectives:

  • Influence and change national policy
  • Build rapport with opinion formers and industry influencers
  • Raise awareness of issues and barriers to mobile infrastructure deployment
  • Showcase best practice
  • Grow Mobile UK’s profile
  • See digital champions in more local authorities

The Impact

  • We hosted a Parliamentary Reception and secured attendance from the Minister of State for Media, Data and Digital Infrastructure
  • Created a #MeetTheChampions video series to showcase best practice and innovation
  • Staged a local authority webinar to raise awareness and build advocacy in partnership with the Local Government Association
  • Continued a content programme across all owned channels

The campaign contributed to changes in national policy, effecting change at a local level. The recommendation that Digital Champions should be promoted within local authorities has been incorporated into the UK Wireless Infrastructure Strategy in April this year.

The Northern Ireland Government launched a Mobile Action Plan, which also promotes the need for Digital Champions to overcome planning barriers. Similarly, Wales has launched a Wales Action Plan that recognises the urgent need for reform and identifies barriers to the effective deployment of mobile infrastructure.