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Campaign Implementation

A campaign idea and concept are the magic ingredients to get you noticed. Our blueprint ideation process can be used as part of a retained programme or for a one- off ideation session to bring in fresh thinking.  

Whatever your campaign goal – from product and platform launches to elevating your brand image to addressing a specific market challenge, new competitor entrant, or just to refresh current marketing and communications approach – we tailor our approach to your unique challenge. 

Interactive Landscape Digital Campaign for Mobile UK

Always underpinned by market and audience insight, we use research tools and behavioural knowledge to create themes and ideas which will push the boundaries and give you something new to take to your market.  

Campaign ideas must reflect and respond to your commercial objectives, and we’ll engage with you and your team through sprint planning sessions designed to produce target audience personas, empathy maps, themes and angles and workable ideas. 

Our process can include employee or customer/client engagement, competitor analysis and future trends thinking to keep you ahead of the curve and in a place to take advantage of market shifts and changes.  

With experience operating in EMEA, US and APAC markets, we work with an established network of international partners to provide insight to support multi-region campaign activation. 

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“We’ve worked with Purplefish throughout multiple campaigns to help overcome negative and false perceptions about mobile connectivity and demonstrate how richer and more fulfilled our lives are by being connected. Purplefish has supported us with direct and challenging creative messaging, executed across digital, social media, and PR channels. With their support we’ve built understanding and awareness of 5G, created and provided sources of accurate information and established Mobile UK as the authoritative voice for mobile. This has been recognised by the PRCA digital awards, Digital PR awards, and Connected Britain awards.”

Gareth Elliott, Mobile UK