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Media & PR

The holy grail of many communications campaigns is earned media which generates advocacy for your brand or business and provides valuable third-party endorsement.  

To remain relevant in a world of content produced by AI, inspirational PR to create genuine news angles and feature ideas are needed to land media coverage. 

Media interview at Unicorn Fest

We work with clients to advise and create media materials, press packs, spokespeople biographies and feature ideas which will get picked up. With international media reach, our approach is tailored and targeted so you don’t end up as spam. 

Securing media coverage needs three elements to be aligned:  

  • Strong news angles and ideas
  • Optimum timing
  • Right person, right place

With AI able to produce a press release, the future of media relations will be in standing out, and the only way to do this is to harness technology to generate insight and use the human experience to generate the angle.  

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“Working with the Purplefish team has meant we were able to reach a large audience across two major cities with a brand new event concept that we brought to the UK. The team supported us throughout the whole experience, and went above and beyond to ensure we were seen in the right places at the right time.” 

Dominic Mills, Yuup