Planning for an exit – enhancing business value through communications

Deal makers, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisers and corporate financiers know that the smallest details can make or break a deal.

EBITDA should not be used in isolation as a valuation benchmark, there are many other factors to consider when assessing what a business is worth.

The external profile of a business is increasingly important in today’s world of information overload.

The art of communications has changed radically in the last few years making its impact more commercially tangible. Actively managing what is said about a business and its management team adds commercial value but it must be done as part of the commercial objectives, not as a stand-alone activity.

Business owners looking to be acquired need to engage early in a communications plan and make sure it’s aligned to their sales and marketing activity. We know a strong business profile generates real commercial impact.

Here are our top three pieces of advice for what business owners with ambitions to sell need to do to add value before a deal is on the table:

  1. It’s never too early: effective communications impact works best over time. Put a strategic plan in place which covers thought leadership, social media output, employer brand, content marketing and media relations
  2. Get noticed: we encourage and help business owners and key senior figures to get out and network, be seen at conferences, organise bespoke events and raise their professional profiles online and in person
  3. Be different: everyone is saying the same thing. With all the ‘noise’ generated online and in the media, stand-out is vital. Compelling campaigns and genuine opinion is more interesting and will get shared and noticed.

We work with creative and tech sector companies throughout the UK to add value to their businesses. If you are advising company owners, or if you are a creative or tech business owner, and want to know more about how we can add commercial value get in touch: