person opening office door post lockdown

Our post lockdown office return

This week, we have started a gradual post lockdown return to Purplefish HQ.

After a lengthy risk assessment, a team briefing, and a delivery of antibacterial products, the office is now COVID-secure.

As we start to get the team back together in 3D again, we thought we would share some insight into what we have learnt this week.

Make cleanliness fun

It is a bit daunting to return to an anti-bac invasion and clinical supplies everywhere. The office must be a space everyone feels comfortable in. So, we have spent a little time making it more friendly from 20-second hand-washing lyric sheets to hand sanitiser pun labels.

Be very aware of wellbeing

Returning to the office, and for those that have been on furlough, work means a change in mindset. Over the last few months, we have learnt new behaviours, while adapting to working from home. Regardless of your situation, it has been a difficult time for every one of us. Therefore, we must put each other’s wellbeing at the front of our minds. We are now conducting regular staff wellbeing and engagement surveys to keep a caring eye on one another.

Staying alert

As we return to familiar settings and behaviours of our pre-pandemic lives, it is very easy to walk into the office and return to old habits. Things like gathering together in a small space for a brainstorm, doing the tea round, leaving the cleaning to the end of the day (or week!). Like many companies, we have spent a lot of time doing a thorough risk assessment and putting new protocols in place to make sure the office is safe. These new protocols need to be reiterated regularly to become part of our day-to-day behaviour.

Do not expect to be as productive initially

Returning to the office post lockdown means re-familiarising yourself with your old workspace. From remembering the alarm code to setting up IT and taking phones off divert. It all takes time. As well as the technical aspects, we are in a room with a group of people outside of our bubbles, possibly for the first time in months. Social chatter, camaraderie, and office banter are a huge part of office life. It is important to allow time for that.

If you are preparing for your own post lockdown office return and want to talk through the measures we’ve put in place feel free to get in touch.

As we prepared to reopen the office, we also found this B247 article by Dr. Harriet Shortt from UWE Bristol really insightful and well worth taking 10 minutes with a cuppa to read.