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Resource: The PR power of a compelling culture for your organisation

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In the realm of PR, it’s no secret that company reputation begins at home, and your internal employee advocacy is a critical cornerstone in building a strong brand. Defining, crafting, and effectively embedding an authentic and inspiring company culture, aligned with your brand’s core values, is a vital component in your external PR communications strategy.

At Purplefish, we understand that a genuine, intentionally articulated culture goes beyond a HR silo clichéd “fluffy stuff.” Instead, we offer an insight-led, evidence-based methodology that integrates culture communications and engagement into your brand strategy. This holistic approach helps attract and retain top talent, while reassuring potential and current customers about the authenticity of your brand.

Our Culture and Employer Brand services include:

1.Brand values that resonate

Say goodbye to generic, uninspiring corporate values. It’s time to craft values that are unique to your organisation and reflective of your colleagues experience, instilling internal pride and ownership in your brand.

2.EVP and employer branding

We’ll help you create a distinctive and compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that fosters connection with your current colleagues and potential candidates. Your EVP will be visualised as a standout employer brand, reflective of your company essence.

3.EVP activation

Your EVP shouldn’t be confined to recruitment marketing materials. We’ll work with you to bring it to life through compelling communications and activities that engage your team at each employee experience touchpoint and moments that matter.

4.Employee advocacy

Your employees are your most valuable advocates. We provide the tools, techniques and training to empower them to share your brand messages while building their own personal brand.

Not sure where to begin? Consider starting with an audit of your current employer reputation. As a first step, book a complimentary “Culture Springboard” session to kickstart your journey towards a more authentic and impactful brand culture.

Let’s work together to build a culture that attracts top talent and fosters meaningful connections with your target audience. It’s a journey of authenticity, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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