Purplefish PR and Mobile UK Shortlisted for The Tech Digital PR Campaign of The Year 

We’re thrilled to announce that the #5GCheckTheFacts campaign we worked on with Mobile UK has been shortlisted for the ‘Digital PR Campaign of the Year – Technology’ award at this year’s UK Digital PR Awards.  

Launched in early 2021, the campaign provided awareness and education about 5G to tackle misinformation about the technology. False information surrounding 5G was prominent during the early stages of the pandemic, for example, falsely linking 5G to COVID-19.  

Before the campaign launch, together with Mobile UK we conducted in-depth research to accurately identify the personas of the public and attitudes towards 5G, health and infrastructure. This research highlighted a clear desire to know more about 5G, what it can do, and fundamentally how it can benefit society. 

Together we built a bank of collateral in the form of case study based ‘mini packs’ to provide simple and easy to read explanations on how 5G will benefit society, including a range of sectors, using real world examples. In addition, we started the #Talking5G series to offer third parties an opportunity to retell their experiences about 5G and how it can benefit them and what they do. And, to further outline the significant role #5G and wider connectivity will play in accelerating the path to net zero we produced the landmark ‘Connectivity and climate change’ report. 

The prestigious UK Digital PR Awards will be presented in London at a gala dinner and award ceremony at Montcalm Marble Arch, London on Tuesday 5th April. The #5GCheckTheFacts campaign has been shortlisted in the ‘Digital PR Campaign of the Year – Technology’ category, which highlights strategic PR campaigns that utilise a range of creative, design, digital, marketing, advertising, media, and public relations methods.  

Commenting on the recent shortlisting Purplefish Managing Director, Joanna Randall said: “I am delighted to see that our work alongside Mobile UK has proven impactful and effective, being shortlisted by the UK Digital PR Awards. 

“This nomination also showcases how necessary a campaign such as #5GCheckTheFacts is to ensure 5G connectivity goals are reached and 5G’s potential is realised.” 

Commenting further on the recent nomination, Gareth Elliott, Mobile UK’s Director of Policy and Communications, said: 

“5G connectivity is transformational and will benefit society in a multitude of ways, but it is equally important to tackle misinformation. It’s a huge endorsement of the work we have been doing to raise awareness of the benefits of 5G and bust the myths surrounding this new and critically important technology, which will change so many aspects of our lives for the better. 

“To further support 5G rollout, we are urging the government to do more and offer further support to help its local councils ‘level up’. As identified in the recent “Connecting the UK” report there is a clear need for digital champions within local authorities. This will help bridge the information gap and ensure that 5G’s potential is fulfilled in communities nationwide.  

“This year our #5GCheckTheFacts and Building Mobile Britain campaigns will expand to address these needs”