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Raising awareness for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

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The Challenge:

We work with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset (OPCC) to manage the official social media channels. Tasked to raise awareness of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the work of the OPCC, with the challenge of ensuring the channels are insightful, accurate, timely, and be local people’s local voice of policing.

The Story:

Working across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and X, content is posted daily on each channel. Ranging from campaign content to OPCC news promotion and engagement updates.   
The public use the OPCC as a source of local information, so through organic content creation and media monitoring of local authorities, councils and the police, we ensure that the OPCC social media accounts share the right information at the right time.   

The Reaction:

As well as a weekly content schedule, covering all channels, the nature of the Police and OPCC means that a lot of the content must be posted on an ad hoc basis, so flexibility and pace are vital.  

In 2023, Purplefish delivered two high impact social media campaigns, entitled Empower Your Community and Together We Can. The former of which was a PRCA award winner. In 2023 across all channels, over 1,200 posts were uploaded, there were 440 new followers gained and 3,800 post reactions.  

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