New Facebook news feed

Facebook has recently unveiled its first major overall to the news feed since the section launched almost seven years ago. This will be the first major overhaul Facebook has made since it introduced the Timeline at the end of 2011.

The new look is a drastic change from the news feed of old and is designed to allow Facebook similarity over a range of platforms – online, tablet and smartphone.

The new feed will focus on content in a much more visual way. Facebook is placing more importance on images, which will be much larger, and will form nearly 50% of news feed stories. There are resemblances toInstagram, which of course is now another Facebook product, and the app Filpboard, however both outlets are cutting edge with fresh design features.

Another feature of the new feed is the segregation of content. Users can subscribe to various types of feeds, such as all friends, close friends, music, photos and “follows”. The “follows” feed will be the main area of interest for brands. The feed will include content that a user chooses to follow, such as brand pages or communities.

Overall this area of Facebook was starting to look outdated and a redesign is much needed. It is unclear how these changes will affect brand pages and brand advertising, however, the increased engagement from heavily biased image comment appears to be a good thing for brands and should be greeted with open arms. The only visible downside at the moment is how these changes will affect Facebook advertising and with the segregation of the “Follows” feed, how will that impact a brands reach and interaction with its fans. Have a look on YouTube for more: