The end is nigh – juicy finish

Alex makes it through to the end of her three day cleanse – but was it worth it?

As I tentatively sip my dinner juice, happy in the knowledge that I won’t ever knowingly drink coconut oil and vanilla again I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.  You have probably guessed that I live to eat so three days drinking nothing but raw juice is a fairly big achievement for me.  Although sorely tempted I haven’t cheated, for two reasons which I have to confess are probably in this order:

  • purplefish asked me to write this blog, I couldn’t let them down could I?
  • the only person I would really be cheating is myself

Day 2 was definitely the easiest, I thought I could carry this on for ages (well at least 5 days.  Day 3 was a lot harder.  I really wanted to chew something, anything.  I spent a lot of time scanning the internet searching for a site that said you can eat whilst juicing.  Obviously I didn’t find anything that would sanction my desire to masticate so I just had to deal with it safe in the knowledge that as of about 9pm, three days of the green stuff would be over.

So as these three days draw to a close I ask myself would I recommend the ‘Green Cleanse’ to a friend?   I would!  I know I have moaned but in the grand scheme of things it has not been too difficult.  Three of the five juices (breakfast, afternoon, supper) were very tasty, one was palatable (lunch), one was very difficult to swallow (dinner).  Yesterday I couldn’t say that I felt any different but today I definitely feel more refreshed, brighter and even a little sparkly!  Am I summer ready?  Not yet, but in just three days I am definitely closer to feeling happier about shedding the layers of winter clothing and reaching for my lighter weight wardrobe.  Now, I just have to keep it up, eat chocolate cake in moderation and not drink too much wine!