Rise of the celeb journalist

Gemma Maxwell is working with us for the day -and sharing her knowledge of broadcast news journalism; as our guest blogger, here’s her take on the media world:

Khloe Kardashian broke the news to me that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Not Sky news, not the BBC but instead a young fashionista from California.

How did she tell me? Through Twitter. The trend that we’re all fast becoming obsessed with is now proving to become a journalist’s trusty friend too.

With the increasing pressure of 24 hour news, journalists today simply don’t have the luxury of time whilst the demand for news and information continues to grow. In order to meet the demand journalists are having to look elsewhere to get their headlines.

And this is where Twitter happily steps up. What better source to use than harnessing the trend that we all watch, constantly update and use to put our messages out there?

And, while there will always be a place for press releases and digging through local papers, the future of news-gathering may well find itself logged into twitter more and more to find the news for tomorrow.

Gemma Maxwell, broadcast news journalist, follow her @GemMaxwell