Too juicy by far – day two of Alex’s cleanse

My morning started with the kids shouting at each other about what they were having for breakfast.  Well they had more than I did!  Aside from the fact I have chosen to spend three days eating my way through a juiced vegetable patch I had not learnt from last night’s mistake, every single juice was still frozen!

Defrosting my breakfast juice in the microwave somehow didn’t seem right so I wrapped my hands around the ice cold bottle (for as long as I could stand) and poked and prodded the contents until they dripped bit by bit into the glass.  My breakfast was eventually ready by 11am and it was delicious.  Kale, grapefruit and apple was far tastier as a slushie rather than yesterday’s luke warm soup!

The majority of today was a breeze compared to yesterday.  The lunch time juice still resembled green, furry, sludge but working from home meant there was no inner turmoil whilst watching the purplefish team munch through lunch and no spiced flatbread to covet today.  In the nicest possible way I really enjoyed not seeing anyone from the office all day!

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon juice (drunk early evening after it eventually defrosted), but things went rapidly downhill this evening!  My husband, the ‘master baker,’ made lasagne for dinner, then he went out and asked me to serve it up!  My will-power was stretched to the limit.  I don’t know how I resisted licking the spoon but I did and am left feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Although the brown, thick, greasy (it contains coconut oil) liquid I consumed for my dinner did not seem like a fitting reward.  However, I am quite looking forward to the non-alcoholic vegetable Sambuca (obviously not labelled as such) at bed time!

I am not sure how tomorrow will pan out.  I have to confess that apart from the fact I know I am ingesting way more than my five-a-day I don’t feel any different.  I am hoping that at the end of it I will have a cathartic experience leading to my eating more good stuff and less cake.  But, at this point I don’t know whether it is an expensive fad (the master baker’s opinion) or truly beneficial and really worthwhile.