Two months, five things, one agency

My two months working as an intern at Purplefish have been amazing and I can positively say that I have looked forward to heading into the office every single day. Yes, some things were difficult and I got things wrong on many occasions, but I was also met with patience and support, allowing me to learn more than I could ever imagine.

Below are the 5 top things my experience at Purplefish has taught me:

  1. Communication style really is everything

It comes as no surprise that developing your communication style, both verbal and written, is paramount in this industry. Trying to persuade that reluctant journalist to cover your story, or trying to handle unexpected and challenging situations both require very different and important communication techniques. The team at Purplefish was excellent at guiding me through tricky situations, enabling me to learn whilst taking on real responsibilities.

  1. How to accept rejection

Nobody likes rejection. Yet not everybody is interested in your story and often despite your best efforts, you will fail to get that coverage you really pushed for. So with some advice from your colleagues and an altered approach, you try again and hope that in time your efforts will come to something. This can seem quite daunting and unnatural at first, but you quickly learn that it’s all normal in PR and that to get anywhere you will require resilience and perseverance.

  1. No two days are ever the same

From trying to source two pairs of purple superhero pants for an upcoming client launch, to researching hotel industry news, one thing the job was most definitely not, is boring. Variety is the spice of life as they say and working in a PR agency requires you to become a specialist in a whole range of client industries. It never failed to amaze me how knowledgeable every member of the Purplefish team is. From suggesting key contacts at media outlets to recalling successful PR campaigns from the past, they really do know their stuff.

  1. It’s a busy industry

Working in a PR agency comes with serious responsibilities. Clients trust you to guide them through the complicated and noisy world of social media, PR and communications. And so it goes without saying that you will be busy and reliant on excellent time and organisational skills. Simply observing the day-to-day activities of my colleagues highlighted the importance of prioritising tasks and working efficiently.

  1. Creativity is something you can (and will) work on

As I studied science at university I don’t come from a particularly creative background. I find it amazing how every one of my colleagues was able to easily brainstorm innovative and exciting ideas for new content and project briefs. It was reassuring to hear that this is something you can work on and that creativity (plus the confidence to put forward original ideas) comes with time and experience.

Alongside these five points, I learnt that team work and the ability to call on your colleagues for help is vital. Thank you again everyone at Purplefish for a truly insightful and enjoyable two months!

By Kerri Warne


The internship program forms part of Purplefish’s ongoing commitment to and investment in future talent. If you are interested in applying for 2018, send your CV and a cover letter to Deadline February 2018.