Unlocking company purpose and culture

You already have a culture, is it one that you’re proud of?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months you’ll know that the hotbrand topic in 2022 is employee experience, and that recognition of the part it can play in your brand strategy is growing.

This previously poor relation to brand experience, burdened with smaller budgets, less credibility, even disregarded as fluffy HR rubbish is now emerging as the key to competitive advantage. In a candidates’ market, where talent tenure is decreasing rapidly, and employees are demanding more autonomy and meaning from their work this is the place to stand out.

Of course, the fundamental elements of environment and technology must be addressed  to create conditions where your colleagues can do their best work, but it is your culture – the beliefs and principles on how you do business – that is the gold dust that will unite your people behind your mission and allow them to thrive. Or not as the case seems to be for 85% of employees.

Cultural norms will make or break your employee experience

Your culture is so much more than the generic words on your office graphics or onboarding video. It is the rituals, traditions and ways of working that bring to life your brand personality in a way that your colleagues can feel in their day-to-day work experience.

That culture already exists, the question is whether it’s bringing your colleagues a sense of purpose and achievement? Whether work is associated with happiness and vigour? Whether there’s a sense of belonging and connection between your people and your brand?

If you’re not sure you’d like to hear how your colleagues describe life at your brand to their mates down the pub, it‘s probably time to take another look at the values and behaviours that underpin your culture.

And it’s no longer enough to aspire to have a ‘good culture’. Values like teamwork, integrity, respect and inclusion are becoming generic and vanilla. To truly differentiate and inspire it’s time to define your unique culture in collaboration with leaders and colleagues across organisation. It’s only then, with the belief of your people that you’ll cultivate the necessary attitudes and behaviours to activate a unique culture that unites your people behind your brand promises.

Purplefish can help unlock your brand purpose and values and activate this throughout your culture.

We’re supporting brands to unlock their purpose and values, then activate them across their company .

Get in touch today to discuss our cultural springboard sessions and how we can get under the skin of your unique culture to bring meaning and connection to your colleagues.

Unlocking company purpose and culture