How you should be using content to boost your inbound sales leads

It’s the holy grail of marketing but can you truly generate more business simply by promoting your brand or business?

The simple answer is, yes of course you can.

The more complicated answer is that there isn’t a foolproof formula for converting your marketing activity into sales and that is why some brands fail to make an impact.

If there was a simple-off-the-shelf solution everyone would use it and marketing and communications experts would be out of a job.

As a business, we have done exactly as the headline suggests; we have used content to increase our inbound leads. Put simply, we have used content that relates to our proposition to reach our target audience which has in turn increased our inbound lead enquiries. It’s our own foolproof formula and it looks like this:

And where is our evidence that it works? Well, you’re reading this for a start. Now the trick is to keep you engaged. So how can you make this formula work for your business and generate leads?

Start by asking yourself the following five questions about your own outbound communications activity:

  1. Is your website pitched right for your target client or is it more of a sales brochure?
  2. Is your database current (if you have one)? When was the last time you segmented it by customers/prospect type?
  3. How often do you communicate with current clients and prospects?
  4. Do you proactively and regularly invite feedback from customers/staff/prospects?
  5. How much original content do you generate as a business?

The above forms an initial benchmark audit of what you’re currently doing. The next step is to develop a hard working but realistic and achievable communications programme that works to enhance your business prospects rather than increase your workload.

To find out how to put this together you can get in touch today or check out next week’s blog post – more content, more opportunities, do we have your attention?