Video in turf war

Video is the new social turf warSince Instagram extended its popular image sharing and easy edit platform to video last week Mashable reports that many brands have been hopping online to experience it and see what is on offer.

With 15 seconds of content to its longer established Twitter rival, Vine’s six seconds it will be an interesting few months to see which brands really get creative with their online video presence. Have a little peak at what’s been done so far to get those creative cells working: Mashable – instagram-video-brands/

With a reported more than 5m videos uploaded in the first 24 hours the bandwagon was well and truly motoring last week. However, where will this take us next? The up side is the ability to put a great set of online tools into the hands of us mere mortals to use as toys, experiments and to pass the time; the downside will inevitably be a load of online junk. But make your own mind up and add to the 40 hours of video uploaded a minute in the days following Instagram video launch.