What I Have Learnt From My PR Placement at Purplefish 

Time flies. It has already been six months since I joined Purplefish as an Account Co-ordinator on my placement year from Bournemouth University. After landing my placement, I had to learn the ins and outs of agency life quickly.  

Whilst serving this internship, I have gained first-hand insights into how a PR agency functions and how relationships with clients are established and maintained. 

I have spent time building media lists, creating social content, researching speaking & award opportunities, and, most importantly, keeping my to-do lists at an all-time high. Here are six lessons I have learned during my first six months at Purplefish PR agency:  

Creativity matters 

Being able to express some form of creativity throughout the day is one of my favourite aspects of working in PR. For me, it is one of the key components to success in public relations. Between writing blogs and social media posts, there always needs to be a creative element to stand out from the crowd and ensure I deliver inspiring work. 

Communication is key  

Especially in an agency setting, where everyone is operating in a team environment. We are the voice of our clients, so constant communication is essential to ensure nothing falls through the cracks! 

Networking becomes your PR love language  

How could you not love a career where socialising is part of the job? Working in PR, it is clear you can never have too many contacts. Building strong relations is one of the most significant components of what we do. I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people in this field and have started developing my “it’s who you know” network.  

No two workdays are the same 

It’s true; it is a fast-paced industry with lots of change. When you have multiple clients, you are never doing the same thing. The unknown is what makes the PR world so exciting!   

It’s a satisfying job  

The buzz you get when telling your client their work is being covered on BBC Pointswest makes your hard work worth it. It’s incredibly fulfilling when a story makes it from conception to pitching and into the news.  

There is always something to learn  

To keep up with the constantly evolving public relations industry, you always have to be learning. I have learnt so much; the list is endless! From honing my PR skills to learning valuable life lessons, I will definitely be going into my final year at Bournemouth having gained invaluable professional experience and heaps of confidence. 

One of my favourite aspects is that we are in the business of helping people share how amazing they are. Working in a smaller agency has allowed me to take on more responsibilities, be in direct contact with clients and the media, and develop essential PR and marketing skills.  

If there is one thing that has been made apparent to me over the past six months, Purplefish only wants the very best for their clients and won’t stop until they achieve this.  

It has been a pleasure working for such a diligent company who are so busy, yet so organised and efficient, and still manage to find time out of their hectic schedule to accommodate the needs of a placement student. I hope that wherever my career takes me, I end up in a work environment as welcoming as Purplefish. So, thank you Purplefish, for making my Emily in Paris PR dream a reality!  

Are you looking to gain some experience in the world of PR, marketing, and communications? Let us know. We could always use a helping hand.