What is news?

When looking over prediction stories for the New Year I came across this neat BBC post attempting to forecast the big stories of 2014 and in turn, providing a great explantion of the media agenda.

purplefish offers media training for companies wanting to put their spokespeople in the limelight to raise awareness of their organisations in the media. The training can be as intensive as a Jeremy Paxman-style videoed interview with a real journalist through to how to approach a telephone interview with your trade media and everything in between. The training also includes a section on what is news, as you’d be surprised, but many people don’t really know what makes news.

The BBC story highlights what news really is. It’s not the launch of a new website, your new menu or a new customer-focused IT solution. It’s about people, how government policies affect their lives, how new technology is their changing lives or how the greatest exhibition of art masterpieces ever is touching the lives of millions worldwide.

A good PR agency will seek out human stories that fit the media agenda and do exist in most organisations. They just need digging out. purplefish can help you find yours!