Why company culture is critical from day one of your start-up

Your company culture defines how your business operates. From business-to-business interactions to early relationships with clients, employees, stakeholders, angel investors and the media. Culture is the unique formula for delivering a bespoke experience and managing expectations for both your team and client base. Being intentional about this from day one will not only inspire and motivate your team today, it’s the most powerful resource to attracting the talent you need for future success. 

The best talent wants to join the most promising start-ups and expects to be able to identify personally with company values and behaviours. In fact the recently published Edelman Trust barometer insight states that 60% of the general public will choose a place to work based on their beliefs and values in 2022.

Although your culture may feel palpable when you’re a small team of a few people, setting out your cultural values now will provide a blueprint for future talent and the way you do business.

Benefits of a strong culture.

In addition to the obvious financial advantage, there are many benefits to having a positive culture within your business:

  • A shared vision and purpose, leading to employees working towards common goals.
  • A strong culture of respect between employees, creating enhanced mutual trust.
  • Less complexity in how things are done, leading to an agile approach to tasks.
  • A strong sense of belonging across the business, increased employee retention, loyalty and advocacy.

How to set your company culture from day one

The early stages of a start-up is a great time to bottle up your cultural values. We’re supporting brands through colleague listening and creative articulation of the values that make them unique and desirable.

Interested in hearing more? Join our Culture 101 masterclass on Wednesday, 9th March or book a consultation with Lucy McKerron to discuss how we can help define your cultural blueprint.