Why I love being a social media apprentice

I am the first apprentice to work at purplefish. It was a very exciting time when I was told that I had the placement, I was overwhelmed! I have a real passion about social media and information communication technology, so when this opportunity became available I grabbed it with both hands.

Before I started at purplefish, I was at Sixth Form where I was studying ICT, Law and English Literature, although after a few weeks I realised that an apprenticeship would benefit me more. I love being in a working environment and I am really enjoying working alongside the purplefish team. To go from a school environment with hundreds of pupils and classrooms to working in an office is a huge change, but I have definitely made the right decision.

On my first day I was given a run through what I would be doing and how I will contribute to the company. I expected to be doing all the odd jobs as an apprentice, however, I was completely wrong. As well as being shown the important things such as where we make tea, I was quickly up to speed on clients and work, which I was very pleased about!

My responsibilities include helping plan client’s social media pages and helping manage their social content. I find this interesting because I have to research companies and learn about what they do in different sectors. Although content plans are quite challenging, I enjoy researching and finding interesting messages. I am really excited for the upcoming weeks to see what other work I will be getting involved in and what new skills I will pick up along the way.

After my first day I knew becoming an apprentice was definitely the best thing for my future. Whilst at Sixth Form I was treated as just a “student” but becoming an apprentice I feel grown up. I get more responsibility, and get treated like an adult. Another thing I love about being an apprentice compared to Sixth Form is that you get hands-on experience and know what it’s like to be part of a professional team.

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